Rules and regulations

Attention all would be racers, the new Norwegian drag racing rules was published January 2016. Please check back for changes.

All cars must be registered and with valid tags. The exception being licensed race cars, ET rules apply and driver must have valid race license.
No loose items inside
All cars with an ET below 11.49sec./402m are to be equipped with a device that collects parts and oil in the case of an engine failure. Approved are a “diaper” configuration, alternatively a collecting tray. We encourage all racers to use this configuration, the result is less oil spills and more racing.

All tires must be ECE/EEC or DOT approved

All hoses and fuel line(s) must be securely fastened and no leaks will be allowed

Drivers seat must be fastened using original fastners or minimum 4 x 8mm bolts trough the floor

Minimum 3 point harness is required

The battery must be secured using the original fastners or minimum 2 x 10mm bolts and frame

Must wear a EC approved helmet
Must wear gloves
Must be fully clothed with preferably cotton clothes
Must show a valid drivers license both days
Must attend drivers meeting

A one or two day drag license for all registered street car drivers will be for sale at the strip. Every driver of registered street cars must have such a license to be able to race their car. This applies to ALL nationalities! We recommend all who are not Norwegian citizens to have their own travel insurance, as the one day drag license do not cover treatment in hospital for non Norwegian citizens. License registration must be completed before technical inspection.

Driving influenced by alcohol or any drugs is strictly forbidden and will be reported to local police.

Minimum one fire extinguisher pr. team
NO open fire
Rear end of car must rest on jackstands and tires must be in the air during warm-up
Driver must stay in drivers seat at all time when engine is running in pit area
Please respect the silent period between 24:00 and 06:00 to ensure a minimum of sleep for our racers

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Additional racing rules;

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