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For the 17th time, the ultra fast Gardermoen International Raceway will host the infamous SCC. Since the first event back in 2002, it has grown from a small, single day event to a full weekend of camping, racing and hanging out with great friends. So get ready for mind blowing classics and world record braking racers! No guts, no story! Two years ago NDRG rebuilt the drag strip and last year they installed new toilet facilities and built much more camping space. Conditions for world records have never been better!

Even more “Flugplatz Schmutz Rennen”!

Given the location of the SCC event, at an abandon military airfield in the middle of the forest, it was destined to happen. And it was a great success, so much so that we will again be found on the narrow roads surrounding the drag strip, in our old VW’s. A group of vintage speed enthusiasts called “Festen Fuss Liga” will again arrange the time trial rally. But for the time being just for the oldest VW’s with a solid generator stand. The goal is to match a preset (secret) time for the course, and the car closest to this time is the winner. The rally will be held on public roads, and national laws and regulations must be followed. This is a crowd pleasing rally, not about setting a speed record.

It was a big success last year, and judging form the feedback it will be quite a few new entrants in 2018. This is a big hit with the international attendees with quite a few starters. As last year there will be no entry list, so everyone present at the SCC with a solid generator stand engine can participate. The time and place for the rally during the weekend will be announced ahead of the SCC event. Spinning off on a gravel road, fight for an exclusive trophy and lining up in the show and shine area with other vintage racers should be more than enough to convince you. The SCC show area even has a spot to wash your car, if you (for some odd reason) would like to get the dirt of your car again.

And the autocross is also coming back! Stay tuned!

Don’t miss out on this!

Press contact; Jon Hroar Ulstad +47 92 49 52 71


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