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Are you ready to rumble?!

With the current rules and regulations we will be able to host the infamous SCC!

At the time off writing we can be four groups of 200 un-vaccinated people. AND in addition we can have 2000 people with green corona pass (fully vaccinated OR  with one shot + three weeks).

Buy the tickets according to your expected status at the time of the event.

To accommodate this we have split the venue up in four areas. And as the rules are now the un-vaccinated we will have to stay in these areas. They can leave the areas for food or toilet visits or to go to they’re designated areas on the grand stand. So make sure you buy tickets for the same area as your friends!

The vaccinated can walk around as they please, as long as they follow the basic corona safe practices.

All attendees needs to purchase their tickets in their own name, we need the name on all visitors.

Again, these are the rules as they are right now. We do expect them to loosen up slightly before the event.

To be able to host the event and to maintain a list of all the attendees everyone needs to buy the tickets in advance. There will be no tickets sold at the gate.

If too few tickets are sold by August 1st the event is cancelled and the tickets are refunded.

In the event of the rules getting stricter the tickets will be refunded (minus Paypal fees).

Don’t miss out on this!

Press contact; Jon Hroar Ulstad +47 92 49 52 71

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